Tips for Submitting Your Film to Animation Festivals

In the past few decades, festivals, be they musical, holiday-related, or cultural, have become popular around the world. However, animation festivals are now rocking the sector, with talented artists and iconic characters frequently making appearances at such events.

Aesthetic acts, in which artists and the audience get to interact, are some of the more thrilling features of animation festivals. Professional animators dressed in costumes related to the theme of the festival are also a typical feature of these stimulating events.

What’s more, filmmakers can utilise these festivals to market their work. The following is a preparation guide that every filmmaker should follow for a successful submission process.

Submit Your Work to Multiple Festivals

To increase the chances of your movie being screened for the first time at a festival, you should submit it to several festivals. Many filmmakers covet the chance to have their movies screened at festivals. The chances of your movie winning a place are slim, however. Therefore, consider using Internet Vikings AB to drive web traffic towards your site, thus increasing your exposure and your chances of a successful submission.

Be Organised

Filmmakers must remain organised during the submission process. You should keep a record of events, expenditures, and all other related activities. With detailed information, you can ensure that all eventualities are covered. For example, with all the details about fees and other expenses recorded, you will be able to keep tabs on the overall costs associated with the application process.


Various animation festivals have different submission methods. From the website of a festival, you can learn which protocols to follow when submitting your film. Mostly, festivals have submission platforms, but others use external sites, like FilmFreeway and Reelport. In the event that you use an external site, however, you will be expected to pay a submission fee.