How Animation Festivals Supports the Growth of Anime

You probably spend a considerable amount of time watching animated shows. But, you’ve probably never seen an animator in the flesh. Such people are reclusive and spend a great deal of time in dark rooms peering at bright screens, bending every pixel to perfection.

This industry also depends on people with other skill sets. From Illustrators, music producers, PR executives, sales reps, the list is endless. Animation festivals are one of the few places you can hope to meet such people and exchange some pleasantries.

Here are some ways that animation festivals support such creative and ensure you get to enjoy more of their work.

Acknowledges Their Work

Animation festivals allow the creators to screen their latest offering. Fans are also able to meet their favourite animators to show their appreciation and field a few questions. Such levels of interaction enrich the lives of animators as they can gain from the feedback they receive.

Previews of Upcoming Projects

Anime fans are always on the lookout for new shows to enrich their lives. Attending such shows can also be used to give guests previews of related products with making it look like a tacky product placement schemes.

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Bridging Cultural Barriers

Most of the anime we consume comes from Japan and Korea. English dub versions exist, but most anime purists swear by the subtitled versions, as many things get lost in translation. Animation festivals also bridge such barriers by spotlighting some of the native cultures with various showcases.

These festivals also feature cosplay, cooking shows and other displays that shine a spotlight on these cultures. This ensures that visitors leave the venue with a deeper appreciation for such cultures.