The Best Anime Series and How You Can Watch Them

With the covid-19 pandemic, you can now spend much of your time watching anime series. The reason for this is that it’s cheaper and easier to enjoy watching through streaming services, such as Funimation Now, Crunchyroll, and Netflix. Those days of watching expensive DVD imports and releases are long gone. Now it’s a new era of watching the best anime series, such as the following.


For a long time now, anime has been having a complex relationship with the gay representation. Even in the worst situations, anime remains to be a source of affordable exploitative titillation or comedy. This history is what makes Yuri that depicts the revolution for gender and sexuality. Yuri, an expert skater, goes back to his home after having a crushing tragedy, only to get surprised by his idol to train him. According to this anime, the relationship, which blossoms between the two is multifaceted and complex.

Megalo Box

Basically, this anime does not have a complicated story. It was established as a boxing tribute on the 50th anniversary of Ashita. According to some sources, this anime is the future that people have been waiting for. Hence, Megalo Box is a common sport where fighters compete while wearing metal frames that are called gears.

Cowboy Bebop

This anime is one of the collaborative series that talks about bounty hunters. The genre of this series is eclectic and basically fits into the kingdom of western space. However, one episode might deviate off into a treasure hunting. Moreover, it gets weird and silly on several occasions, but the overall setting is meant to be watched by adults.

Final Thoughts

The coronavirus epidemic that does not have to limit the fun you’ve been enjoying. All the available anime series that you can enjoy are available in the best streaming services. Therefore, choose one of the anime series and enjoy it at the comfort of your home.